Course Curriculum

    1. Read Tips For Maximizing This Course

    2. What to Expect From the X Factor S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Course

    3. Watch Execution

    4. Watch -There is a Buying Process

    5. Watch More Money. Less Time.


    1. Download the Seek Study Guide

    2. Download Stage 1 Role Play - Out-Going Call Critical Questions Completed

    3. Download Stage 1 Role Play Out Going Call - Critical Questions Exercise

    4. Download Seek to Understand 2 Min Drill - Incoming Call

    5. Watch Seek Roleplay

    6. Watch Seek to Understand Video 1 - The What

    7. Listen to Seek to Understand Audio 1 - The What Continued and The Why Behind the What

    8. Test Your Knowledge - Stage 1

    9. Assess Your Skill - Stage 1


    2. Download the Study Guide

    3. Download the Practice Exercise Complete

    4. Download Stage 2 Educate on Area Exercise - Incomplete

    5. Download the Community Map

    6. Read Role Play Reminder on Area

    7. Watch Area - Roleplay

    8. Watch Educate on Area Video 1 - The What

    9. Watch Educate on Area Video 2 - The Why Behind the What

    10. Test Your Knowledge - Stage 2

    11. Assess Your Skill - Stage 2


    2. Download the Study Guide

    3. Download Qualifying Your Client Worksheet

    4. Download Qualifying Your Client Example

    5. Download the Formula Cheat Sheet

    6. Download the Interest Rate Factor Guide

    7. Watch Short Qualification Intro

    8. Watch Qualification - Roleplay

    9. Watch Review Qualification Exercise - The What

    10. Watch Review Qualification - Making it Real?

    11. Listen to Qualification - The Why Behind the What

    12. Test your knowledge - Stage 3

    13. Assess Your Skill - Stage 3

    1. Download the Study Guide

    2. Download Floorplan Exercise

    3. Download Reference Floorplan

    4. Download the Best Practices on Showing a Home

    5. Watch Lifestyle - Roleplay

    6. Watch short Intro to Lifestyle

    7. Watch Visualize Lifestyle - The What

    8. Watch Visualize Lifestyle - The Why Behind the What - The Study Guide

    9. Test Your Knowledge -Stage 4

    10. Assess your Skills - Stage 4

    1. Download Lot Study Guide

    2. Download Identify Lot Exercise

    3. Download Identify Lot Completed

    4. Download Community Map

    5. Download Sample Survey

    6. Watch Lot - Roleplay

    7. Watch Lot What and Why Behind the What

    8. Test Your Knowledge - Stage 5

    9. Assess Your Skill - Stage 5

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